Monday, February 12, 2007

Something to Consider Overall

Here are a few questions and something to consider.

Do you believe in truth?

Does truth really matter?

Sometimes it is good to step back from a situation, to consider reality, to consider truth. It is good to consider the truth in a situation. It is not good to get caught up in emotionally driven, holy-sounding rhetoric. Seek truth in all matters, especially when it comes to your Christian life.

When someone tells me, "God said to me" or "God is leading me," the first thing I do is check my billfold. It's not gonna be long before the person who said "God is leading me" is going to ask for money.

When someone says, "I think God is leading us to..." you can be sure there is an agenda ahead, and it is usually NOT God's agenda.

Holy-sounding rhetoric? You bet it is. Personal agenda? Indeed.


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