Sunday, June 17, 2007

First Baptist Country Club - LUST OF THE EYES


Ok, I got it!

First Baptist Church loves the world, according to the Bible.

"The love of the father is not in" First Baptist Church, according to the Bible.

First Baptist Church wants a Country Club, away from the people of the town, out in the country.

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man
love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the vain glory of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world."
1John 2:15-16

THIS is why I say that:

Last week, First Christian Church celebrated their last Sunday in the historic building that is in the heart of Alamo. They have officially deserted there strategic downtown location and moved into the new church building, miles away from most of the members and far away from "lost" people.

Where is their new church building?

The new First Christian Church building is outside of the town, outside of the city limits, out in the country.

So what is the point of deserting the city and moving to the country? If you want to reach the citizens of Alamo, there is no reason to move. You can't reach the citizens of the town when you are out in the country.

If you want the church family to isolate themselves even more, then you build a building even further away from the people in town. You segregate yourself from the very people whom you claim you want to minister to.

If you want a new country club, then you should move to the country. All of the "church family" can drive outside of the city and enjoy the crisp, country air at their new country club.

THAT is the reason First Baptist Church wants to move OUT OF THE CITY and OUT TO the country. They want a new country club, isolated from those nasty citizens of the city of Alamo. They want to be out there where the air is fresh, out there in the country, where they will feel even less guilt than they do now about reaching the lost people in Alamo. First Baptist wants to remove themselves from the very people of whom they claim in their ministry.

First Baptist members want a country club, not a church.

First Baptist wants to have fun in the country, NOT reach people in town.

And the pastor will soon move on. Suddenly, "God" will "call him" to a new church where he will boast, "look what I built in Alamo."

And the people will be left with a multi-million dollar debt to pay, just because they gave in to the lust of the eyes and had to have a new "country club" church.


Recently, I spoke with a couple of the members of First Christian Church who were not in favor of the move. They wondered aloud how the church was planning on reaching the people now when they didn't even try to reach them while they were in town? They wondered why the church (First Christian) did not reach the local people before moving to the country?

I also wonder the same thing about good ole First Baptist Church. As I continue to ask, if you aren't reaching the people now, then what makes you think you are going to reach the people when your new Country-Club church is finished?

Do you want a new church to win lost people or do you want a new country club church?

My bet is, THE LUST OF THE EYE!!

My bet is, First Baptist Church loves the world more than they love God.

If you love God, then GO NOW and reach the people NOW!

Don't wait until you build the new country-club church with new carpet and new seats. GO NOW!

Some of the members of First Baptist Church have never witnessed to a single citizen of Alamo. But they are consumed with the LUST OF THE EYES, wanting a new building, new carpet, new pews, new parking spaces. First Baptist church wants "all that is in the world." And let me tell you, all that is in the world is NOT of God.

A - Lust of the eyes.

B - A new country club, not a church.

C - Away from the people, not among the people.

And the pastor will leave them with a multi-million dollar debt when God suddenly "calls him" to a bigger church with a better retirement plan.

Lust of the eyes...not of God.


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