Friday, October 5, 2007

Here's The Botton Line...

Five years ago someone planted the idea to the congregation about building a new church out in the country. Many in the congregation didn't buy it. Many saw it as a foolish dream, since the building now sits half empty on any given Sunday. Few options were seriously considered for maintaining the congregation at its present strategic location at the crossroads of the county. Move, move move like all the other churches are doing.

Then, it was published AS TRUTH that this plan was two things:
1) This is "the will of God" to move the church to the sticks and get it away from the very people for whom the church was supposed to minister.
2) This is "our best opportunity to reach lost people."

Yet HERE is the bottom line...

As a church, you have spent FIVE YEARS NOT reaching lost people where you sit today.

F-I-V-E Y-E-A-R-S of stagnation.

FIVE YEARS of big talk.

FIVE YEARS of un-practiced plans "to reach lost people."

FIVE YEARS with sinners all around the church, never steping inside the building.


In five years you can build five office buildings, one building per year.

In less than four years, the United States entered, fought and won World War Two.

In five years, you could have added 50 more people to the church rolls, at ten people per year, less than one per month.

So to the staff and members of FBC Alamo, I ask you...when are you going to stop TALKING about "God's will" and begin DOING God's will???

FIVE YEARS is a long time to talk about something without doing it. Are you actually going "to reach lost people" or are you going to keep talking about it???

Talk or action? Reach lost people or just talk about reaching lost people?



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