Friday, December 21, 2007

The Vision or The Will of God?

What's the difference?

The "will of God" language has finally been removed from the FBC Alamo web page and replaced by the somewhat vague "vision" language. So what's the difference?

Is it the will of God or is it a "vision?"

Is a "vision" the will of God? Is a "vision" the will of God ONLY if it comes true?

I have known many churches where the vision was ultimately revealed to be the agenda of the pastor or of a wealthy financial contributor or some other local businessman or strong-willed church member. Often, that kind of "vision" was presented as "the will of God" and usually did more harm than good. At First Baptist Alamo, that "vision" was embraced only by part of the congregation at the most, but was presented on the web site as the will of God endorsed by the entire congregation. It never was! The lack of action demonstrates it. There has been almost five years since that "vision," that "will of God" was announced, and that vision is going nowhere. During that time, church members have been alienated, ridiculed while few have actually been led to the Lord.

And finally realizing that truth, the web master has adjusted the wording of the web page to omit any implication that lost people will be reached for Christ because the church builds a new country-club south of town, away from the people, away from the most strategic location in Crockett County, away from the crossroads of the county.

Recently, I stood in front of the church and took photos looking west on Church Street. Then I stood in the parking lot and took more photos of the many residences within short walking distance of the church building. As I looked at the many homes there, I thought about the people who go on about their day to day activities, going to work, going to school, having dinner at night, living from day to day. Then I wondered if those people go to church? I wonder how many times the staff has visited those people? I wonder how many times FBC church members have visited those people to prove that love really does shine at FBC?

What about HELL??

Why move out to the county and let lost people go to Hell when they live in the shadows of the church building? You do believe in Hell, don't you? Why let people die and go to Hell when they live within a five-minute walk from the churh parking lot? If you do, then why aren't you visiting those homes so close to the Church? If you believe in Hell, why aren't you compelling those folks to come to First Baptist next Wednesday or next Sunday?

Do you believe in Hell? Do you believe in this alleged "vision" of which the web page speaks? Folks, the vision is NOW. The people are there. The fields are white for the harvest. It's time for you to practice what you claim, practice what you proclaim, practice what you preach! Go into the fields and gather.

Get out from behind that desk. Get out from behind that TV set and put your so-called "vision" into practice. Show that the "vision" is more than shallow words. Practice what you preach.

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