Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lost People and Hell

Do you believe the Bible?

Do you believe in Hell?

Do you believe in the Lake of Fire?

Do you think lost people burn for eternity in Hell?
Look at these houses in this photo to the right. Do you think the people who live in these houses will go to Hell without Christ? If you look closely, you will notice they live across the street from the church.

If you stand at the West side of the church, just under the pastor's office, you can look closely through the trees and see dozens of apartments and homes within walking distance of the church. And each home is filled with human beings created in the image of God.

Do those people go to church at First Baptist Church? Do those people go to church anywhere?

Now let's look just a little bit deeper!

Stand in the West parking lot under the window of the Pastor's office and look just a little more to the left, to the South, you will see EVEN MORE HOMES where people live, daddys and mothers and little children.

Does anyone in that church know anything about those people? Does the pastor know if they are going to Heaven or Hell?

Does anyone even care?


has been the theme proclaimed on the church web page. Well, what are you doing to reach THESE lost people? What are YOU personally doing to reach these lost people?

Some folks are all excited about building a new building. In fact, most of the sermons talk more about the new building than about reaching lost people.

Does anyone really care? Does anyone really care about lost people? Or is it just another talking point for raising money? Are those folks who are so excited about moving away from these people willing to practice what the preach?

What about you? Do you care about the people who live within walking distance of the church? Or do you just want to get out of town so we can play softball?

Is the phrase "To Reach Lost People" meaningless at First Baptist?

Is the phrase "To Reach Lost People" just a sales pitch?

What do YOU believe about Hell? Do you think it matters?

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