Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sixty-Four Residences Within Walking Distance

Let's take a count !

Several people have told me there were not that many people who live within walking distance of the church. So I asked them "How many people are necessary before you try to reach them one-on-one?"

They had no answer. They got mad at me for asking. Now I am the enemy. I could not force them to "reach lost people" like the web site said they would do. But they weren't doing it now. And it looks to me like they weren't going to do it.

So where do you stand on this? Are you reaching lost people now? Or are you just TALKING ABOUT reaching lost people? Here's an excercise for you:

  1. Go stand in front of the church facing north.
  2. Look to the west down Church Street
  3. Walk to the west and count the houses on the right side of the street and the front doors on the left side of the street where the apartments are.
  4. Contunue walking west to North Branch Street
  5. Turn South (left) on Branch Street.
  6. Continue counting the front doors on both sides of the street
  7. Turn East (left) on Main Street and continue counting.
  8. Include all the "front doors" of all the apartments.
  9. Turn North (left) on Locust Street and continue to the church.

Now answer these questions:

  1. How many residences (front doors) did you count?
  2. How many of those front doors have you ever personally visited?
  3. Who do you know who lives behind even one of those front doors?
  4. Do you CARE who lives behind those front door?
  5. Do those people know the Lord?
  6. Why do those people not walk to FBCAlamo every Sunday morning?


Are you just gonna bitch and moan or are you gonna take action?
Are you going to let those people go to Hell or are you going to take action?
Are you going to wait for a non-motivated church staff or are you going to take action?

Since it is clear the church staff doesn't care, what are you going to do about it? Jesus said "Go and make disciples." How long are you going to wait?

Are you going to do it or are you going to complain?



Unknown said...

Whoa! How about how many people go to FBC that live on East Park? I can think of 4(homes). How many on East Main? I count 2(homes). This is FIRST Baptist, there should be more folks than that in this small town. I want to know how many people the "preacher" visits on a weekly basis. And I'm not talking about his money sucking out of our pockets visiting. When is this dead "church" going to wake up.
By the way, how many people have left the "church" since mr. Softball has been here? Ask the secretary, she know EVERYTHING.

WKB said...

John Q, my comment to you is, why don't YOU start reaching those missing people? Go down to the church and stand on the front facing north. Then take that little walk, counting houses/doorways along the way, on both sides of the street.

Then YOU go out and reach those people. Or reach the rest of those people on East Park or on East Main. It is clear that nobody else in the church is going to do it, including those folks who live on those streets. It is clear that the church staff and deacons are not going to do it. You be the leader and do it! Don't wait for the rest of them. And take the secretary with you.