Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God Instructs Church To MOVE Instead Of Win Souls

From the church web site:

"Almost 10 years ago we started asking ourselves the question, 'God what do you want us to do here at First Baptist Alamo?'”

"The decision to relocate the church was the biggest challenge by far."

Evidently the answer to the question was God wanted the church to assume a multi-million dollar debt. Evidently God did not want to save the dozens of people who live within walking distance of First Baptist Church.

Evidently the "decision to relocate" was easier than the "decision to win souls." Softball for Jesus seems to have a higher priority than saving lost people from going to Hell.

Did the staff of FBC Alamo already win every soul in town to the Lord? Is that why God allegedly led them "to relocate the church" outside the city limits? How many lost people live within walking distance of the church now?

As a Sunday School teacher, how many people have you personally brought to the Lord in the past six months? As a church staff member, how many homes did you visit within walking distance of the church building you just left? Did you disciple them into First Baptist? Did you ever visit them at all?

Is softball really more important than introducing lost people to Jesus?

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