Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Missing Posts - A Higher Standard

It is interesting that the first comment to the first post on this blog has been deleted by the author after it was already quoted, addressed and documented. I have found that many people are not really interested in truth. Most folks are interested in what agrees with their position or with what keeps them comfortable. I like to be comfortable and I certainly do not like criticism. That post was critical of my words but I allowed it and responded to it. I have discovered that most folks do not like criticism. But it is good to have others examine our words. I may be wrong. I post here expecting my words to be examined and critiqued. The critical responses won't bother me and it will give me a reason to examine my own words and motives.

Chances are I probably will not remove my words soon, like the previously mentioned poster.

I have discovered that truth was not an issue to most folks. Serious truth is not something most folks will consider. Truth is scary. Truth is often different than what we want to hear.

Unfortunately, many Christians have stopped thinking. Many Christians have stopped "testing the Spirits" regarding virtually any issue presented from the local pulpit or from the television pulpit. Many folks will not "study to show yourself approved" and will believe whatever "God's man" tells them, although the term "God's man" is so often abused.

(Any believer is "God's man" and any believer is allegedly able to receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit and to think for himself.)

Yet when one objects to the religious establishment, one is told to "get on board or get off" as one poster proclaimed before removing his words. People are not allowed to actually question the establishment, not allowed to publicly question "God's man." FBC Alamo is not the only church in that position. But FBC Alamo has been told that the only way to fix their problem is to go into debt several million dollars and to MOVE away from their strategic location. They have been told THAT is the solution while sitting with a half-empty sanctuary every Sunday morning.

There is a Biblical solution to what some have claimed is a problem at the church. But it is clear that FBC Alamo has NOT been given the Biblical solution to their alleged "problem!"

Truth is still truth, no matter how loudly error is proclaimed from the pulpit or the television set. I think Christians should seek truth and should stop floating along, believing any bit of error tossed to them. Christians, members of FBC Alamo should seek a higher standard for their leadership and a higher standard in their own personal and spiritual life.

One of my favorite atheists, Earl Dogerty, voiced my position far better than I have in the past. Doherty said:

"If Christianity and Christians are to be distinguished from all others as subscribing to the truth, as operating under the aegis of the one true God with all the benefits which ought to be accruing from such a state of affairs, then we should have the right to demand of them a standard of conduct and enlightenment that would set them apart."

To that, I will respond, AMEN and AMEN and AMEN!!!

Doherty continued:

"Either [non-Christian actions and words of Christians] reflect adversely on the disposition of the Deity himself, or they indicate that having a pipeline to the true God does not prevent one from holding as bigoted and inhuman attitudes towards one's fellow man as anyone else. If the representatives of that Deity, whether priest, televangelist or faith healer, can regularly be found guilty of child abuse, avarice or fraud, then one can hardly tout Christianity as the one effective guide and guarantor of proper moral behavior. Any philosophy, no matter what it may claim for itself in principle, is only as good as it works in practice. Christianity's track record gives us no reason to regard it as occupying a privileged position in regard to divine benefaction."

Allow me to paraphrase Doherty by adding,

"If the representatives of that Deity,whether pastor, choir director, youth director, Sunday School leader, organist, pianist, deacon, elder or any other church member can regularly be found guilty of jealousy, envy, resentment or slander, then one can hardly tout Christianity as the one effective guide and guarantor of proper moral behavior. Any philosophy, no matter what it may claim for itself in principle, is only as good as it works in practice."

Some have said I am holding a grudge because of my criticism of spiritual leaders. That is not true at all. I have made observations of the actions BY "representatives of that Deity" that are most unlike the message that those "representatives" are proclaiming. Truth is truth, error is error, lies are lies, false figures are false figures, misrepresentations are misrepresentations. My motive is irrelevant. The actions of those "representatives" should be examined and "judged" based upon the standard that THEY claim to represent.

As Doherty said above:

"Any philosophy, no matter what it may claim for itself in principle, is only as good as it works in practice."

If you are going to tell your critics to "get on board or get off," then you better be able to support your position from all sides, not just by claiming ""get on board or get off" or by claiming we must take drastic measures. If you are going to expect folks to give you four-million dollars, you can expect your words and actions to be examined and re-examined.

There is a Biblical answer to the perceived problems facing FBC Alamo. But in the past five years, that Biblical answer has not been presented to the congregation. There is a simply and practical Biblical answer to the perceived problems facing FBC Alamo and from what I have seen in church over the past few years, that Biblical answer is not being practiced.

But the church already bought and paid for the land for a soft-ball field.

Glory to God, softball for Jesus
while most of the county stays home on Sunday morning
or goes to the lake.

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