Thursday, February 22, 2007

God's Vision for First Baptist Church Alamo!

If you refuse to do God's actual will for His church, then you can claim "God Told Us To Build A Building" and people will believe you.

GOD has a will for FBC Alamo. God has a see his people involved in spiritual reproduction.

You hear about "the vision God has for our congregation" yet nobody mentions those who oppose this alledged vision, those who's objections have been ignored by the church leadership, those who think God has a different "vision...for our congregation." Does God's vision include ignoring long-time members opinions? It certainly seems so.

Everything is presented in the form of "THIS" is God's "overwhelming plan for our future" with no room for facts, no room for scriptural truth (which has not always been presented or followed.) When you talk about praying "hard about the future of our church," why is there a problem with the church actually DOING WHAT JESUS SAID TO DO?!?

Here it is, GOD's WILL for FBC ALAMO:

1) GO

Here it is straight from God's Word:

"Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you..."

God's Plan for FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of ALAMO is to go first, to make disciples, then to teach those disciples to go and to make disciples and to teach those disciples to go and make disciples and to teach those disciples on and so forth.

Can you see how the plan repeats and the result is spiritual reproduction? THAT is GOD'S PLAN for FBC Alamo. That is God's Vision for First Baptist Church of Alamo.

Why is that so difficult to see?

If you are not GOING and if you are not MAKING DISCIPLES and if you are not TEACHING THEM to reproduce the entire process, how dare you blame God for your own agenda to take a small, non-reproductive congregation into a FOUR-MILLION DOLLAR DEBT!

How dare you blaim your own selfish agenda on God.

THE BAPTIST WAY: Build a Building, give the illusion of spiritual action.

GOD'S WAY: Make disciples.

When First Baptist Church was having 300 and 350 people on Sunday morning, they ran out of space and needed to build. TODAY, with only 170 people on Sunday morning, how can you claim there is a need to build?

You can't!

When you are GOING as Jesus instructed, when you are MAKING DISCIPLES as Jesus instructed, when you are MAKING DISCIPLES who are REPRODUCING MORE DISCIPLES, only THEN it will be revealed what you should do. When you are having 300 or 350 people on Sunday morning instead of 170, THEN you might need more space.

For now, it is MAN'S PLAN over which you have laid "GOD SAID" which is simply not true, it is a lie.

For now, it is MAN'S VISION to build while the auditorium sits half-empty on Sunday morning.

Remember when I said earlier that anytime someone says "GOD TOLD ME" or something similar that we would be asked for money? Well, it's happening. Ya gotta give to the building fund. Ya gotta admit "that we have not given to the building fund like we could."


Why don't you admit that?

Instead of praying "hard about the future of our church" why don't you go out and make some disciples? Instead of all the talk about giving "what God lays on your hearts," why not make some disciples?


A new building does not replace MAKING DISCIPLES!

If we aren't winning souls, if we aren't making new disciples as Jesus taught, we must have ACTION to make it look like we actually ARE doing something spiritual. The Southern Baptist Convention has taught churches that for decades. Unfortunately, it has become habit, the rule of thumb in many SBC churches.

If nothing is happening in your church, then BUILD A BUILDING so it will LOOK LIKE SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!

Yep, when you aren't winning souls for Jesus, blame it on the baby-boomers, blame it on the old folks, blame it on the economy, then build a building and make everyone THINK you are doing something spiritual.

Here's a simple question: Why don't you FIRST Go and Make Disciples? Why don't you do that FIRST?

Why don't you make some disciples and teach them to make disciples THEN you would actually need a building?!?

Why don't you make disciples first??

Inquiring minds want to know!

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