Friday, April 27, 2007

The Mystical Will of God! Who's Kidding Whom?

I was reading the web site for First Baptist Church, Alamo. Nice, simple site, pushing the move away from the people as a vehicle to reach the people. Illogical, but not surprising. While reading the "vision" page, I came across the following regarding the decision to move the church from its strategic location out to the county road:

...the membership believes that this represents both the will of God and
our best opportunity to reach lost people.

Wait a minute!

You are telling me that moving OUT OF TOWN, out on the highway is your "best opportunity to reach lost people?" Is that right? Is going into four-million dollars debt as good as you can do to "reach lost people?"

Where did that illogical idea come from?

What is the purpose for such a move from an already strategic location as you have now?

Why would "God" will you to move out in the country when you don't even reach the people in town?

Who came up with that nutty idea first?

How will being AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE give you your "best opportunity to reach lost people?"

And finally, WHO is going to benefit the most from such a building program and from this move?

Who told you it was God's will anyway? Who convinced you of that lie? Who was the FIRST to plant that little false seed and begin harvesting it?


Has the staff made a comittment to stay with the church after putting the members into debt for several million? Or will "God" suddenly "call" the leadership to brighter, greener pastures to, perhaps, put another congregation into debt?

Moving the church building is the most stupid rationalization I have ever read for splitting a church, and it has split the membership of First Baptist. Who is pulling the wool over your eyes, People of FBCA? Who is kidding you?

If you are NOT reaching "lost people" now, why do you think you are going "to reach lost people" when you move the building AWAY from the people? Would someone please tell me what opportunist came up with such an idiotic and illogical idea, then had the audicity to call it "the will of God?"

FACT: Literally hundreds of people inside the city limits of Alamo sit at home each Sunday and watch television within the shadow of First Baptist Church. Why aren't you trying to get them into church on Sunday?

QUESTION: Within the last four weeks, upon how many doors have you knocked within walking distance of that church building? Within the last month, how many people who live four blocks from the church have you personally invited to church?

Hundreds of people in Alamo do not even go to church anywhere. Why aren't they at First Baptist? Why don't you try to reach them BEFORE you move the entire building AWAY from them? Are you going to go door-to-door down the highway "to reach lost people" who live between Bells and Alamo? Is that what you are going to do? Are you gonna witness to the thousands of people who live at Green Frog?

QUESTION: Who's gonna reach those lost people in town when you are gone to your country club on the highway with your baseball fields and paved parking?

Oh, I forgot, all the people left Green Frog and moved to town, literally.

To the people of First Baptist, Alamo: You better stand back and take a good look at reality. You better stop kidding yourself. There are lost people all around the church now who YOU ARE NOT REACHING. People, you are kidding yourself to think that you will suddenly begin "to reach lost people" after you move the church building.

Wake up!!

It would be sensible to first begin reaching the HUNDREDS OF LOST PEOPLE LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF THE CHURCH before you think about moving away from the people. You are NOT reaching lost people now. Please convince me that will change when you move out into the country.

Yeah, that's certainly the way to win Crockett County to the Lord!
Move to the country and let the city go to hell!
Yeah, that's the will of God, ain't it?
Sure, Mack, sure.

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