Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cattle-Call Baptism Day...A Passive Effort

The big day is coming up. Well, at least it's an effort, albeit misguided. Amazing how people equate Physical Action with Spiritual Movement. They are NOT the same thing!

When you can't win souls, you build a building. (Illusion)

When you don't lead people to the Lord, you do Cattle-Call Baptisms. (Illusion)

When you refuse to go one-on-one to reach lost people, you have a Cattle-Call Evangelism Sunday and snatch members from other churches. (Illusion)

None of the above are bad per se, but cattle-call baptisms do not replace The Great Commission. How long will the people of FBCAlamo forsake the simplicity of The Great Commission? Remember the "Instant Evangelism" post? Perhaps you should re-read it and tell us what has changed in one year. How many "lost people" have been "reached" in one year? Is that tiny number with going into debt $2,000,000 to $4,000,000 for a new Baptist Country Club? What about The Great Commission? What about ACTUALLY reaching lost people NOW?

Are the people of FBCAlamo working The Great Commission? Are the staff members of FBCAlamo working The Great Commision?

Is there any wonder why people are satisfied with the passive actions of a Cattle-Call Baptism Sunday!


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