Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Microsoft and FBC Alamo - Not Much Difference ?

The bully computer giant Microsoft is attempting to takeover Yahoo in a hostile David/Goliath tale. According to the Associated Press,

Microsoft also emphasized it's prepared to "pursue all necessary steps" to
get the deal done, raising the prospect that it could take the bid directly to
Yahoo shareholders with a so-called "exchange offer" or escalate the acrimony
even further by trying to oust Yahoo's 10-member board later this year.

Does that sound familiar to you? Microsoft has an agenda and is prepared to "pursue all necessary steps" to build a new church...er...to takeover Yahoo.

"Pursue all necessary steps"

The only difference is, Microsoft never claimed it is "God's will" to takeover Yahoo. In that way, Microsoft is far more honest than many Christians when a takeover is imminent. If Yahoo won't sell, you oust the 10-member board. Nevermind that half the stock-holders don't want to sell. Ignore them. Wear them down. Shout them down. Work behind the scenes and replace the 10-member board. It's a business decision. The bully is gonna win,

If the people won't support your move to the country, you get new deacons. If church members think it is a bad move, then you shout them down or ignore them or rebuke them publicly from the pulpit. Or as as one church staff member said, "get on board or get off. Those are the two options you have." It's a business decision. The bully is gonna win.

Shout 'em down, that's what Jesus would do. Might makes right or might makes "the will of God."

"God's will" has nothing to do with it. It is simply a business deal. That's why Microsoft is more honest than some of the Christians that we all know and love. Imagine that, Microsoft more homest than Christians!

Imagine that!

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Unknown said...

What do you expect when in your desperation you hire a business student instead of a seminary graduate? The church was desperate for a preacher at the time, and are desperate to hold onto this "preacher" becuase "he might leave". I say, send the boy packing. He is an embarrasment. If he would spend as much time working with his flock instead of his fantasy sports team, there might be reason to keep him. But he has it made, and he ain't gonna leave. Lucy us.
Yes, there is a difference between Microsoft and FBC; Microsoft has funds, FBC doesn't. FBC has cadillac taste on a ford budget.